About Me


First and foremost, I wanted to take the time to thank you for visiting my site; I appreciate you allowing me to help you find the best choices out there for you.

My name is Miller. My goal is to be one of the most inclusive, detailed review sites to help you weed out who you can skip, and the ones that are worth your time and money. Hopefully, along the way, we can enjoy watching the industry grow and slowly replace smoking tobacco.

Like most of you who find this site, I once set out to look online to try to find the best choices when it came to vaping; the best places to shop, the best gear to use, the highest quality e-liquids to try. 

And the more I looked, the more I realized that it could be daunting with so many choices out there, and that number is growing. I found other reviewer sites, some great, some lacking, but they mostly had one thing in common: they all focused on just one aspect of the industry.

The Deals on this site will be honest and detail-oriented; I’ll do as much research as I can so that you don’t have to. And while there is a disclosure statement on the front page, I want to stress the importance to me of being honest; the links to the sites and products I review would result in compensation if you purchase it. 

This helps me continue to be able to review these products, and in no way impacts the reviews I give; a wrong product will get a bad review, and so on. If this bothers you in any way, disable your cookies, and I won’t receive anything. It’s not worth it for me to lose your trust.

Thank you once more for taking the time to visit us. I hope to see you here again.