Vape Mods Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021(88% Off)

Vape mods black friday

Black Friday brings together everything we love about shopping; the rush of new stuff, the magic of the holidays, and well, lots and lots of discounts!

Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for shoppers. It marks the beginning of the holiday cheer as well as anticipation for better things to come.

We are all about shopping for better things.

This is why this year; our Black Friday Deals are better than ever! We have deals for all vaping devices including some amazing new Vape Mods.

This particular article will focus on Vape Mods Black Friday Deals! We want to include you in all these fantastic deals, so you don’t miss a single one.

Vape Mods Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

And now to the best part of our article; Vape Mods Black Friday Deals!
You are going to need a pen and paper for this.

Check out our list for the best Vape Mods Black Friday Deals of this year! Do not hesitate, lest you lose the deal of the year!

What are Vape Mods?

As vaping gains more traction, the typical vaper is looking for a more advanced experience.

Vape Mods are a modification of a Vape Pen or an E-cig. The word “Modified” is the genesis of their term “Mod”.

Ardent vapers are looking to tailor-make their experience. They want to mix their flavours, adjust smoke output, and nicotine kick. These aspects cannot be modified unless you use a Mod.

Types of Vape Mods

Vape Mods can be widely categorized into two groups; Regulated Mods and Mechanical Mods.

Regulated Mods

Regulated Mods are the “smartphone” of Vape Mods. They come with a smart chip and an LED screen.

With this type of Mod, you can access loads of advanced features, including a power flow regulator. The LED screen will display voltage, wattage, oHms, and Battery life.

Perhaps the best attribute about Regulated Mods is the safety feature. It is darn difficult to blow this type of Mod. So, this is generally considered the most durable kind of mod.

Unregulated/Mechanical Mods

This term refers to any of the Vape Mods that do not contain a circuit board. They include mechanical mods, series, and parallel box mods.

Mechanical Mods are more suited for the veteran vaper who can handle a surge of power and other technical features.

While regulated mods can school you through your vaping experience, with mechanical mods, it’s all-systems-go.

Mechanical Mods have neither the safety features displayed in regulated mods nor a screen to show you the stats.

In actuality, a mechanical mod smoking experience is similar to a wild ride on the sinister part of town: no temperature regulation, no power cap, and no chip.

Mechanical mods are just bare bones with unregulated power. It is precisely what a vaping connoisseur needs to test his strength.


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